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2017 Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley is opening soon

The 2017 Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley is set to start off from May 5th to 22nd. Being one of the most influential theatre festivals in China, this year's festival aims to put on stage both classics and masterpieces from home and abroad, reflecting an inclusive spirit of the city. In addition, the festival will continue with the financing policy to cap the price range below 380rmb and introduce student tickets to bring citizens more benefits and make the event a true festival for all.

In celebration of the 110th anniversary of birth of Chinese Drama and the 20th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong, the 2017 Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley will tap into the rich historical and cultural heritage of Jing'an, and keep on enhancing its brand influence. The theme of the festival ‘JIN', literarily means to bloom like thousands of flowers, shares a similar sound with ‘Jing'. It conveys the aspiration of the host to make Jing'an a hub for performers worldwide to realize their dreams.

Three Sections, Six Series

There are three sections of 2017 Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley: Famous Shows, One Drama Award and City Dweller Theatre. Famous Shows section will collectively present 18 national and international excellent works, which has been divided into six series: 110th Anniversary of Chinese Drama, International Vision, 20th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong, Pop Theatre, Masterpiece Adaption, and Small Theatre Classic. A collection of masterpieces, a galaxy of celebrities, authoritative and appreciative, professional and popular, most of which are first performed in Shanghai, and some even release its Mainland China premiere.

One Drama Award is one of the most influential awards in Chinese-speaking areas, especially renowned for its artistic equality and authority. This year, the award winners will also be layer-elected by theatre professionals and art committees, and the outcome will be officially released on One Drama Award Ceremony, 22nd May.

Another prominent section of Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley is City Dweller Theatre with more colorful activities, including Thought Workshop, Urban Drama Carnival, Original Play Collection of Jing'an Stories, and Theatre Coming into Community, seamlessly connecting community and citizen life with theatre, let them thoroughly feel theater glamour and deepen the understanding on Jing'an abundant historical and cultural heritage. “Off Unit” represented by Urban Drama Carnival, will combine the whole West Nanjing business circle with street art exhibitions, thus infusing cultural connotation into the commercial atmosphere.

Salute to 110th Anniversary of Chinese Drama

In succession of “the combination of traditional classic and international vision, a double-win in art and market” Drama Selection Criterion, Famous Shows Section of 2017 Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley cooperates with seven theatres in Jing'an---Majestic Theatre, STA Theatre, Daning Theatre, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, Shanghai Art Theater, Shanghai Center Theater, and the Art Space for Kids, to collectively perform 18 national and international excellent works in over half month. Compared with last year, 2017 Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley emphasizes the themes like 110th anniversary of Chinese Drama and the Return of Hong Kong, as well as the join of world-class masters.

Series of 110th Anniversary of Chinese Drama, startling and spectacular. The opening play Furious, a co-production of famous director TIAN Qinxin and Shanghai Theatre Academy, telling the little-known spiritual journey and romantic experience of TIAN Han, one of the founders of Chinese Drama and the very role is played by the talented youth JIN Shijia; the versatile FANG Xu brings two LAO She's works, classic monodrama This Life of Mine and comedy Er Ma, a blend of Beijing wit and British humor; and Prime Minister of Qing Dynasty, a large-scale original historical drama cooperated by famous director WANG Xiaoying and Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center.

Series of International Vision, master gathered. First time coming to China, the greatest modern dance legend Anne Teresa de Keermaeker with her Belgium Rosas, personally re-onstage to perform her signature movement Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich; the former artistic director of the Tanztheater Wuppertal company of Pina Bausch Dominique Mercy and France contemporary choreographer Josef Nadj, a duet dance theatre performance Petite Psaume du Matin; and Mother, a Maksim Gorky play's adaption and the renowned piece of Lithuania Vilniaus Mazasis Theatre. Series of 20th Anniversary of Return of Hong Kong, enduring acclaimed. Pulitzer Award Piece Night, Mother performed by Hong Kong Stage Queen Perry CHIU and her Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre; and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre's Last Supper, a vividly representing original Hong Kong local customs.

Series of Pop Theatre, popular and prosper. Grandmasters of three genres in contemporary Peking Opera and Kun Opera: CAI Zhengren, CHEN Shaoyun and WEI Haimin co-staring QI Shuang Hui for the first time; incredible charm of pop star REN Suxi in romantic comedy Learn from Pigeons; two veteran actors HAN Tongsheng and FENG Xianzhen bringing Russian classic comedy Office Romance; and super play Samadhi which got zero negative comments in Beijing theatre circle.

Series of Masterpiece Adaption, reproduction of classics. Two theatrical plays from National Theatre Company of China, WANG Xiaoying strikingly humanity masterpiece Taking Leave, and Red Crag Soul, a reproduction expressing heroic spirit of that age.

Series of Small Theatre Classic, diversity of style. David Harrower's extraordinary masterpiece Blackbird, and other two parent-child theatres--- British Funny Installation & Adventure Theatre the Polar Bear Go Up! and Chile Ecological Installation & Musical Theatre One Morning I Left.

From love classic to historical play, from pioneer theatre to modern dance, what a theatre festival of numerous celebrity and exquisite content!

Make More Citizens into the Charming of Theatre

Amid the cultural development of Jing'an, this festival will continue to cap the ticket price under 380rmb so as to embrace more urbanites to the theatre. On top of this, student tickets will be introduced to encourage the younger generation to be nurtured by theatre.

City Dweller Theatre consists of four main sections, namely Thought Workshop, Urban Drama Carnival, Original Play Collection of Jing'an Stories, and Theatre Coming into Community. It is designed to bring in creative new blood while keeping traditions based on principles of the multi-collaboration, extending benefits to wider population through its professionalism and diversity, easy participation and online interaction.

Ten master lectures intended to popularize the knowledge of theatre will invite a number of theatrical big-names, include drama director FANG Xu, dancer HUANG Doudou, HK theatrical performer Perry CHIU, French modern dancer and choreographer Dominique Mercy and Josef Nadj, veteran performing artists CAI Zhengren, CHEN Shaoyun and WEI Haimin. The interaction between young performers and respected masters, and the communication between audience and artists will contribute to the enhancement of urban theatrical atmosphere and the aesthetic knowledge of its citizens.

Based on the concept of ‘International Jing'an, Blossoms all over the city', Urban Drama Carnival section will invite a lineup of professional street artists to perform along the West Nanjing Road. An iconic installation of Modern Drama Valley is to be set up at Plaza 66 and well-known theatrical photographer, LI Yan will hold a solo exhibition at the CITIC Pacific to mark the 110th anniversary of Chinese drama. Westgate Mall will put on a special window display of physical theatre performance. Above all, public space for art can be seen in this area and Wujiang Cultural Street during the festival.

Jing'an Stories aiming to build a drama incubator for future talents, will solicit from the public for original literature works in search of fresh angles of Jing'an. After a careful assessment, selected works will be put on stage under the guidance of professional director at the 2018 festival, thereby completing the circle of breading, nurturing and performance, contributing to the improvement of drama among the public.

In 2016, under the joint efforts of Jing'an People's Government and SMG, both the brand influence and reputation of the Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley were greatly improved, becoming one of the most recognized festivals for theatre. This year, with the Shanghai Academy of Theatre joining hands as one more co-host, it is believed that 2017 Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley will be a great success, marking an important chapter in the cultural development of Shanghai. For more information, please visit or follow Wechat account: Moderndramavalley.

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