City Dweller Theater

City Dweller Theatre

City Dweller Theatre consists of four main sections, namely Thought Workshop, Urban Drama Carnival, Original Play Collection of Jing’an Stories, and Theatre Coming into Community. It is designed to bring in creative new blood while keeping traditions based on principles of the multi-collaboration, extending benefits to wider population through its professionalism and diversity, easy participation and online interaction.

Ten master lectures intended to popularize the knowledge of theatre will invite a number of theatrical big-names, include drama director FANG Xu, dancer HUANG Doudou, HK theatrical performer Perry CHIU, French modern dancer and choreographer Dominique Mercy and Josef Nadj, veteran performing artists CAI Zhengren, CHEN Shaoyun and WEI Haimin. The interaction between young performers and respected masters, and the communication between audience and artists will contribute to the enhancement of urban theatrical atmosphere and the aesthetic knowledge of its citizens.

Based on the concept of ‘International Jing’an, Blossoms all over the city’, Urban Drama Carnival section will invite a lineup of professional street artists to perform along the West Nanjing Road. An iconic installation of Modern Drama Valley is to be set up at Plaza 66 and well-known theatrical photographer, LI Yan will hold a solo exhibition at the CITIC Pacific to mark the 110th anniversary of Chinese drama. Westgate Mall will put on a special window display of physical theatre performance. Above all, public space for art can be seen in this area and Wujiang Cultural Street during the festival.

Jing’an Stories aiming to build a drama incubator for future talents, will solicit from the public for original literature works in search of fresh angles of Jing'an. After a careful assessment, selected works will be put on stage under the guidance of professional director at the 2018 festival, thereby completing the circle of breading, nurturing and performance, contributing to the improvement of drama among the public.